I am writing this from New York (first time there) on the top floor of a hotel that overlooks Times Square.

I just had two of the most incredible days of my life. David Goldsmith took Pam Harper and me shopping in New York – for twenty hours over two days.

We got our make-up done at Henri Bendel – by two different make-up artists to give different looks – a process that took three hours. We spent Friday afternoon at Saks and then closed down Bloomingdale’s last night. Between Escada and the shoe department at Saks, I spent more this afternoon than I spent on my first new car.

My favorite moment: seeing Pam walk out of the Armani dressing room in a fuschia suit, looking like she owned the place and everything in it.

This all came about because Kathryn, Pam and I started talking with David about clothes on Friday morning at the last MDCC – how difficult it was to find good clothes that fit well in some places, and how fabulous it would be to go shopping in New York with someone who really knew the stores. David agreed to set it up. Although Kathryn wasn’t able to make it, Pam and I seized the opportunity.

David went over and above the call of duty. David has a wonderful eye for clothes, and he combined that with his teaching and consulting experience to help Pam and me learn a completely different approach to dressing that is practical and fun. This trip was as much about learning how to shop as it was about shopping. I will never approach my closet the same way again. He spent a full day in advance combing the streets in search of the right places, arranged the hotel and all the meals, and generally took great care of us.

This was yet another wonderful experience that I have had because I am part of this community, and it looks like it may be the start of something new for David as well. If the next time you see me, I look a little more. . . put together. . .you’ll know why. What a wonderful way to get introduced to New York.

Katherine Radeka
Whittier Consulting Group, Inc.


As the other member of the duo to experience David Goldsmith’s Fashion NYC, I completely agree with Katherine — it was an incredible experience!

My biggest”aha!” moment came when I realized that we weren’t just learning where and how to shop for clothes; we were learning how to pull together our own personal styles that would contribute to building more effective peer relationships with top level executives. And I have to say that staring at myself with polished make-up, elegant clothing, and fashionable shoes and accessories really did make a difference in my level of confidence.

Leading one strong willed woman (me) through an intense fashion transformation is not for the faint of heart. But meeting the fashion transformation needs of two strong willed women required more than savvy and a strong sense of style. David demonstrated extraordinary coaching and consulting skills, compassion, flexibility, persistence, and a sense of work/life balance. For example, even in the middle of shopping, he took us to several of NYC’s hottest restaurants (Ruby Foos and The Brasserie) along with catching a show at Stand Up NY Comedy Club to help us all unwind.

Just as Katherine enjoyed my transformation, I was appreciating her transformation at the same time -especially when she bought all of the fantastic shoes to compliment her new “put together” look! (You can catch both of us in our new looks at “The Coach” in March!)

I highly recommend David’s Fashion NYC for those who are seriously ready to kick their image up a notch.

Pamela S. Harper, President
Business Advancement Inc.

(Follow-up email from Pam)

You’ll be pleased to know that I had at least three compliments at the SAC
NY meeting and at an advisory board meeting the week before about my new
look. At SAC I wore the black and white jacket, pink blouse, black pants, my
black shoes and unique, bold accessories that I’ve recently purchased. I’m
continuing to grow my hair into a longer style, and I’ve been getting
compliments on that, too. Of course, I’m regularly using my new makeup.

What’s interesting is that the more I’ve grown into my style, the bolder
I’ve become in taking steps to develop my business.


Ideas from What Men Think

Hey David,  I don’t mind telling you that night at the airport has changed my life!!!  :)  Just hearing you talk about what ya’ll (men) want has made me rethink things.  I have not been actually keeping track however I wake up every morning knowing that if its up to me it will happen!!!!  My husband has been pleasantly surprised and extremely happy!!!  It’s amazing how much better we are getting along now.


Denise V.


I don’t know if your ears were burning a couple of nights ago!? I was with a couple of my best girlfriends back in London who I haven’t seen since I came back from NYC, and they could not stop complimenting me on my make up and clothes! They were commenting on what a vast improvement I have made, with funkier clothes and much more subtle, yet impactful makeup. I proceeded to remind them of that wonderful day I spent with you, and how I credit my transformation all to you :-) Thank you so much David – you’re the best!!

Fill me in on your news!

Nura Nashashibi