What Men Think: It Takes Two To Make a Couple

May 15, 2009

happinessI thought I’d throw this in…it’s a quote I’ve said for a long time.

“If two individuals are happy individually, they then can be happy together.  If one individual is unhappy, then no matter what happens, they can’t be happy as a couple.”

To me this means that each individual needs attack life to fulfill their own needs (the acts can be done together).

This may include participating in sports, working on a hobby, traveling, doing community service, spending time with one another, being with family, dancing, watching a sunset. The decision as to what to do is a personal choice.

If you reach out you then have something to talk about, something to be excited about, something to share while together, something that can make your life fulfilling and happy together.

Another thought…

The same person wearing a genuinely happy face appears more attractive than when they are unhappy.  Fix your relationships with others, if that’s what’s eating you, and you’ll look better instantly.

What Men Think: Men Look, Women Peek

April 16, 2009

Here’s something I learned from my wife and something that few men know.  It’s that women may take just a quick peak at a man and then sneak peaks there after.  Men on the other hand, for some odd reason, keep on looking long enough so that woman see the look.  Most likely a trait that’s developed over 1000′s of years.

Now what does this have to do with you?

Think about it.  If a man does not know your interested, how can they react appropriately.  My suggestion is that a little longer peak would do a woman good.  Those few extra seconds give a signal that at least the door is open.  Otherwise, we have no clue!

Remember….Men Look and Women Peek.

What Men Think: 2008 Miss Hooters Winner

July 2, 2008

Creating Your Personal Style Hooters 2007 BrianneOh, is someone upset that I mentioned a beauty “contest?” Or is the reference to Hooters even worse?

Don’t be. There’s a point to this that affects women. Read on.

While my wife, Lorrie, was flipping through channels on the television one evening, she stopped on the 2008 Miss Hooters Contest for just a few minutes as they ran through the final swimsuit contestants. Next up was the selection of the final 10 contenders from a pool of about 129.

Now here’s the incredible part; from what we could see, at least 8 of the woman had natural breasts! Normal shaped, smaller, average breasts. They were selected by a group of about 10 men. The other two finalists were smaller in size, and if they did have breast work, we could not tell. Of the initial group of 129 women, a sizable number of girls had had some type of enhancements.

So next time you feel that being natural is a disadvantage, don’t. Guys see a complete package and so should you….brains included!