Those Who Sell Don’t Always Know – Tip #14

June 19, 2008 · Print This Article

Here’s a real-life scenario that I experienced while doing some research for a David’s Fashion NY in a high-end clothing store.

A saleswoman in a department store was considering purchasing a particular top and bottom outfit (along with a blouse that matched perfectly) from the store where she worked.  She was a newly divorced woman and single-mother of one child. She had a figure to die for and face that could easily be in magazines. This particular outfit was way out off her price range–like by a small mortgage amount– and we found ourselves in a discussion about what she should purchase if she could only purchase one item in the set.

If you were in a similar situation, which of the following options would be your smartest investment?

Armani Creating Your Personal Style A. The jacket top: an Armani in what I believe is the Blue Bold Diamer pattern. A fitted cut that would make you look like you’re worth a million dollars.

B. The blouse: a white fitted, smooth silky top that would go well with any item you put on.

C. The skirt: made of the same Bold Diamer pattern that flows and helps to give you that well-put-together womanly feel.

Do you have your choice?

Now let me tell you first what the salesperson suggested.: She chose the jacket top.

For me, this is not the right choice.

This is what I told her, and again, she knows how to dress, looks incredible, and advises others on making purchasing decisions.

Don’t buy the jacket. If you’re lucky, you could wear this item 3 times in the next year or two and each time everyone will notice it’s the same garment. (If she traveled for a living and did not see the same people all the time, I would advise differently.)

Besides, did this woman have the $1200 to spend on a jacket? From our conversation and her situation, NO.

Don’t buy the blouse. Blouses are always going on sale and spending money on the Armani would have been overkill for her. She could carry a $39-$99 blouse without any trouble and still look great. The price in her department was $400.

The skirt, if she were to purchase anything, was the item she should take home.

Woman Thinking Creating Your Personal StyleThere are several reasons. The skirt was cut beautifully and highlighted her figure. The skirt could also be worn with white, red, blue, and black shoes of a high heal or low heal, a pump or open toe or open back. Just the shoes would change the look. Add a thin belt, a fat belt. A white, yellow, or pink shirt. Sleeveless or long sleeve. And she could make the skirt the highlight of the outfit or just an accessory to a larger picture.

The skirt was the most versatile of all the garments.

When I finished, she stood there for a minute and then said, “I never would have purchased the skirt, but now I see it as the best item on the rack, especially in my situation. Besides the $400 skirt I can pick up for $200 using my discount.”

So the next time you’re faced with a decision, make sure you’re thinking for yourself. It’s not that the advice of salespeople are all wrong; it’s that not all salespeople see the big picture or know what looks best on you. Besides, they don’t know your wallet, your closet, or your life style.


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