The Myth in Dressing Your Age – Tip #30

May 4, 2009 · Print This Article

There’s a truth and a falsehood in the statement: “Dress your age.”

Wow, what a lot of room for discrepancy in interpretation! My philosophy is this:

While a sixty-year-old woman might look ridiculous in a 16-year-old teen’s bare midriff outfit, that woman of wisdom could wear a cute skirt that falls at mid thigh if she’s got the legs to pull it off. I say go for it!

If looking youthful for your age is important to you, here are some things to consider when building a wardrobe or dressing each day:

Perspective: when you’re healthy and happy with yourself and your life, you already exude a youthful glow. There’s a twinkle in your eye, a spirit to your step, and a spark to your personality that screams all that’s appealing about youth—flush to the skin, erect posture, ease of mobility. Without changing a stitch of clothing, you can see how your internal feelings affect your appearance.

Color: don’t feel that when you hit a certain age, like the big 4-0, that you suddenly have to weed out the fun colors and replace them with “safe” beiges, grays, and blacks. Although the latter are great colors for neutral items and provide a sound base for any wardrobe, infuse your daily outfits with pops of color in your blouse, a fun scarf, earrings, or shoes. While most women don’t pull off fuchsia peddle-pushers, they can add life to their getup with a blouse patterned in pops of fuchsia.

Trends: find what works for your body type, in other words, what plays up your figure and features first. Then, from that foundation, you can add a piece or two to your annual wardrobe from the current trends. Remember that you don’t have to follow the trend to the T. If the trend is a cropped pea coat, you can find a pea coat that falls at your hip instead. If the trend is round-toe stilettos, you can find a round-toe 1 ½” pump to update your look.

Overall, my message to you is this. As you age, you can still maintain a look of energy, vitality, and youth without making a fool of yourself. Women fear embarrassing themselves if they dress “too young.” My belief is that it’s always better to participate in the current trends instead of making do with granny skirts and tunics. The secret is in moderation.


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