What Men Think: It Takes Two To Make a Couple

May 15, 2009 · Print This Article

happinessI thought I’d throw this in…it’s a quote I’ve said for a long time.

“If two individuals are happy individually, they then can be happy together.  If one individual is unhappy, then no matter what happens, they can’t be happy as a couple.”

To me this means that each individual needs attack life to fulfill their own needs (the acts can be done together).

This may include participating in sports, working on a hobby, traveling, doing community service, spending time with one another, being with family, dancing, watching a sunset. The decision as to what to do is a personal choice.

If you reach out you then have something to talk about, something to be excited about, something to share while together, something that can make your life fulfilling and happy together.

Another thought…

The same person wearing a genuinely happy face appears more attractive than when they are unhappy.  Fix your relationships with others, if that’s what’s eating you, and you’ll look better instantly.


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