How to Keep that Tan Leg Look – Tip #29

April 27, 2009

Creating Your Personal Style Airbursh LegsI know that for many women, summer is a challenge time of the year given that you want to have that tan look yet without sitting in the sun and possibly damaging your skin.  One option is the spray on tan and another I would recommend is the tanning product  Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs.

It’s funny, I’m trying to find a way to say, it’s OK be fair skinned and it’s OK to walk outside without color while at the same time I know that many fair skinned women want to have a little color since the American culture tends to favor a little bronze.

I know, I’ve lived with a beautiful fair skinned woman for 23 years.

There’s Clothing Out There for Everyone – Tip #28

April 20, 2009

Chris stated that she often goes shopping and finds there is nothing out there for her to wear. C’mon. Nothing out there. There is so much out there for women it’s incredible. In fact, there may be too much, if there can be such a thing.

Chris, there are a few things you must realize.

First, I’d bet the reason that you’re not finding anything is that what you’re looking for does not work for you, and therefore, when you try on the clothing it all looks bad. The color, the shape, the patterns.

The solution: start with the basics. Have your makeup touched up to fit a today’s you. Next, invest in a great a color chart to weed out what does not work. Next, focus on today’s basics. Pants that don’t hug the hips up high (think “Mom jeans”), straight-leg pants, cut tops and fashionable shoes. This goes for casual or for upscale.

Second, I’d bet that your eye is also looking for specific styles that you expect for your perceived age appropriateness, but what you think you should be wearing may not be currently available in stores. Here’s an analogy. When you start looking for a car, your mind learns a new shape and miraculously you start to see the car all over the place. The same with style. You need to train your eye to shapes and patterns that look like today’s women in your style.

The solution: find a body shape that mimics yours in magazines or in real life, and then start to watch what they wear. If they’re contemporary, you’ll start to create a new awareness and then the clothing will jump off the rack.Creating Your Personal Style Stair

Third, just because you’re a “shopper,” does not mean you know how to shop efficiently enough to avoid frustration. Walking, perusing, and purchasing seem simple enough, but without a strategy, you can end up at the finish of the experience frustrated that all you did was walk, peruse, and maybe purchase. Remember, the best shoppers shop in preparation and not desperation and say no a lot as they have the mindset they are building a wardrobe and not building a closet.

Based upon our conversation, this will take some changes, however it’s achievable.

Pedicures …French or solid? – Tip #25

March 30, 2009

French or SolidPedicures …French or solid?

Here are my thoughts.

If you’ve got great looking feet, and specifically toes, you can wear a French pedicure, on occasion.  As a rule, however, I would suggest going with solid for the majority of the time. There are two reasons why.

First, no one thinks that overgrown toenails are appealing.  In fact, when you see toes that need clipping, the thought is an instant “gross!”  French pedicures, although they’re pretty, do give the illusion that the toenails have grown out, since the white edges are now pronounced, even though falsely so.

The second reason is that if you’ve found a killer pair of open toed-shoes, you want them to be the star without having to compete with the whites of your toenails.

If you want to have fun and go to the beach, lounge around, enjoy a night on the town, go for it.

This all comes down to what is the package you’re trying to create, when you’re using it, and what for…

If it were up to me….SOLID.

Perceptions: Pay Attention to How Models Look – Tip #21

September 11, 2008

You can look at this video and think, “See, it’s impossible to look like these models.” or you can say, “What can I take away from this video to improve how I look while being real about myself. ”

  • The right make-up can do miraculous things.
  • Eyes, nose, cheeks, brows, and lips can all be altered with simple techniques.
  • You need the right hair cut and the right person to show you how to do your hair.
  • You can’t change your base without either surgery or Photoshop.
  • This imagery, in your life time, is not going to disappear

Creating Your Personal Style Dove FacesWhat’s even funnier is that with all this, women perpetuate this movement more than men.  Women buy the magazines. They shop in stores that promote the looks and many women compare themselves to the models.

What’s even more ironic is that men love everyday women.  Men are always looking for everyday women, the court them, marry them, have children with them, grow old with them, and love them to pieces.  While the only place to see models is in magazines, movies, and television.

What men like to do is see a woman, no matter what weight or height, take care of themselves in a way that makes them look good.

This means you can learn from these images but still maintain your own personal identity. Stand up straight, wear the right bra, walk with your feet straight and not pointed out, flaunt your intellectual and physical traits, put on a nice outfit and YOU will have men looking.  Married, single, divorced, young, old.

The knowledge that men are with everyday women means that you won’t forget that men are looking in the grocery store, at the coffee shop, book store, amusement park, the mall, or even when you go out camping.

What Men Think: 2008 Miss Hooters Winner

July 2, 2008

Creating Your Personal Style Hooters 2007 BrianneOh, is someone upset that I mentioned a beauty “contest?” Or is the reference to Hooters even worse?

Don’t be. There’s a point to this that affects women. Read on.

While my wife, Lorrie, was flipping through channels on the television one evening, she stopped on the 2008 Miss Hooters Contest for just a few minutes as they ran through the final swimsuit contestants. Next up was the selection of the final 10 contenders from a pool of about 129.

Now here’s the incredible part; from what we could see, at least 8 of the woman had natural breasts! Normal shaped, smaller, average breasts. They were selected by a group of about 10 men. The other two finalists were smaller in size, and if they did have breast work, we could not tell. Of the initial group of 129 women, a sizable number of girls had had some type of enhancements.

So next time you feel that being natural is a disadvantage, don’t. Guys see a complete package and so should you….brains included!

What Make-Up Can Achieve – Tip #11

June 5, 2008

Aucoin Face Forward BookI remember a few years ago looking through a picture book of faces completely made over by the master of makeup application, the late Kevyn Aucoin. They were absolutely stunning. On each page he’d taken a celebrity and turned their face into someone else’s face that was famous throughout history by applying make up in such a way that each accent altered the individual’s appearance.
It’s what make-up can do in the hands of an expert.

Now I don’t expect you to be an expert, nor do I expect you to be able to put make-up on in such a way that you can look like someone else.

What I do believe is that for the average, typical woman, the concept of make-up is simple. You have two or possibly three faces. Face number one is you with some make-up. Possibly your everyday face. Face number two is you with more make-up. This is your business face. Face number three is more of the same make-up: your “going-out” look. It’s the same face three done three different times based upon the volume of make up used.

This is all wrong.

Aucoin Face Makeup Makeovers

I believe that every woman should have at least three if not four different looks. And when I say looks, I mean that the face gives you options just like your shoes. Face number one might be softer. Face number two might be sporty. Number three elegant. Number four seductive/sexy. Each one requires a different set application approach and a different pallet.

The benefit in this, compared to men, is that you can choose your look to fit your mood AND your clothing.

Next time you’re in a cosmetics store, ask them to give you a fresh new face. One that fits any of the four suggested faces above. Once you find a new look, don’t use it all the time. Mix it up with another “face,” and you’ll start to have fun with what you can achieve.

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall – Tip #9

May 29, 2008

Make-up MirrorIf you’re serious about looking your best, you must have the right tools, one of which might give you a real reality check.

It’s the magnification mirror. (No matter what point you are in your life.)

The reason: no matter how good your eyesight is, no matter how good you are at applying makeup, typically bathroom lighting is often wrong AND you can’t see everything that’s going on with your skin and how you’re applying your make-up.

Don’t take this wrong. I’m not looking for you to be obsessive; it’s just that skin changes with mood, body fluctuations, age, temperature, the food you eat, etc.. (If you’re 17, you may not have noticed all this yet.) The mirror, however, gives you that extra bit of information so that you can make great choices.

I’d suggest one with a light and multiple times the magnification.

* The more “wisdom” you have, the more important it is that you see exactly what you’re dealing with every morning. The clarity will help you make better choices about how you deal with your skin, maintain your eyebrows and hair, remove unappealing facial hair, insure your teeth are clean, and address any other concerns. The mirror will also enable you to work magic by making sure what you intend to do with your face is actually happening.

Top Five Necessities Needed When Shopping – Tip #7

May 22, 2008

Number 5Can you guess the five necessities you need to bring with you when you shop? I’ve asked countless woman what they believe these are and I’ve gotten some typical and also wierd suggestions. Here are a few most common:

  • Credit card and Money – Yes, a biggie, but you’d not shop without this, so it’s not on the list.
  • Water – Good idea, but you can pick this up along the way. (Plus, how many bathroom stops do you want to make?)
  • Attitude – Yes, the type of attitude is important.
  • Friend – This might actually be bad if they’ve not good taste or know what’s right for you.
  • Sneakers – or comfortable shoes would be useful.
  • Snacks (Nutritional bar) – I’d prefer to eat on the road, but make sure you have something healthful in you before you start so that you can think clearly and prevent delays.

All good but not the top 5.

Here they are:

  1. A color chart of your best colors. This way you can insure that the colors you’re selecting fit your personal requirements. You would be surprised how helpful this is when looking at colors that are close in value. It also helps the sales staff to keep on target when advising you.
  2. A backback or bag with an assortment of shoes and accessories. Women’s stores are set up with most shoes and accessories in different departments and often on different floors. If you have your particular size shoe and one in your style, you’re ahead of the game. The accessories are there to do the same.
  3. Your made up face. – If you don’t wear your makeup as you wear it every day, you lose that little eye that tells you what your wearing really works for you.
  4. A white/off while form fitting, collared, fitted shirt. This way you can try on anything your heart desires. If you’d like a scoop neck in your bag, that’s OK, too, but I’d shop with the shirt.
  5. The right bra and undergarments. – The bra: to make sure the garments you try on fit you the way they should fit. The undergarments: so that your shape is the way you’d expect to wear the garment and so the color does not show through and become a distraction. (If you don’t often wear a bra, you can take it off to try on specific items.)

If this appears to be a lot of work, consider the time and energy invested in selecting an item; do you really want to have to return something because you get it home and it doesn’t work. The better prepared you are, the more complete becomes your wardrobe and the better you look.

With these five necessities taken care of, your entire shopping experience will be more enjoyable and productive.

I will cover more details about each of the 5 in the months to come.