Buy In Preparation Not Desperation™ – Tip #8

May 27, 2008

This is my favorite shopping quote that I use all the time when working with women.

David Goldsmith Preparation Not Desperation

The concept is simple. If you take the time to purchase in preparation, you tend to be in relaxed mood, and therefore, you can make sound decisions about your wardrobe. This calmness helps you to anticipate what you’ll need in the future, enables you to get tailoring done, and opens up the door to possibilities outside of your normal purchasing outlets.

When you buy in desperation, you not only run the risk of purchasing an unflattering garment, you may over spend, or make everyone else’s life miserable in the process. Besides, now you have a garment in your closet you don’t like, which clutters your life.

Take the time to shop when you’ve got time and energy, and you’ll be surprised at how fun shopping can be.