About David

When I first imagined this blog, I thought that all I would do is write my entries and then continue on my day. That was not to be the case as all the ladies I’ve worked with have told me that they want…no, need to know…who’s behind the blog.

So, as you can see, here I am.http://www.creatingyourpersonalstyle.com/images/david_goldsmith_half_photo_jeans.jpg

I’m David Goldsmith, born July 31, 1963, married to Lorrie in 1990, have two wonderful sons and live in a small town outside of Syracuse, New York called Manlius.

For fun I’ve had a lot of interests in my past including: skiing, tennis, soccer, basketball, biking, gardening, carpentry, plumbing, electrical work, watching movies…it’s what I watch when I watch TV, and traveling. While working with Harley-Davidson I secured my motorcycle license, have 28 hours in a small engine plane, earned my SCUBA license, have painted, drawn, sculpted, and enjoy a sitting at night near our fire pit.

As a profession, I am an international consultant working with management and leadership (the people who are paid to think) in companies such as Harley Davidson, Wipro, The Hartford and Infosys. As a consultant I’m also do a lot of presenting to audiences around the word, teach at New York University and have published about 500 articles.

If you’d really like to know about how this site originated you should read this page… Origins of CreatingYourPersonalStyle.com that tells the story of how I started giving advice on style.

Now if you’re still not satisfied, check out www.davidgoldsmith.com www.consultingfromthestage.com www.davidsforums.com and take a look at what I do for a living.

I hope you enjoy the site.